Management and Consumer Studies (BBC) / BSc

Common part

Common Part

RO1: VWO students with the NG or NT profile can also choose the natural science course FCH-11806 Basics Foodtechnology instead of FQD-10306.

MCB-11805Introduction to Management and Consumer Studies5.00CSB11AF
YSS-12301Skills for BBC-students1.00CSB11AF
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00CSB11MO
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB11MO
MST-24306Management and Marketing6.00CSB12AF
SCH-11806Sociology of Business, Consumption and Economics6.00CSB12MO
YRM-10306Research Methods in the Social Sciences6.00CSB13WD
LAW-12306Legal Regulation and Management of Production Chains6.00CSB14WD
BEC-10306Introduction to Business Economics6.00CSB15AF
YSS-10906Analysis of a Problem Situation6.00CSB16AF
MAT-12806Mathematics M (Mathematics for Social Sciences)6.00CSB16MO
ORL-20306Decision Science 16.00CSB21AF
MCB-20806Principles of Consumer Studies6.00CSB21MO
ECH-10406Microeconomics and Behaviour6.00CSB22AF
YSS-20306Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques in the Social Sciences6.00CSB22MO
FQD-23306Research Topics on Food and Society, a Gamma-Beta Approach6.00CSB26AF
INF-20806Applied Information Technology6.00CSB26MO
FCH-11806Basics in Food Technology6.00RO1B15MO
FQD-10306Business and Consumer Perspectives on Food Quality6.00RO1B15MO