YSS-21303 European Exchange programme Management, Consumer Studies and Economics


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Group work11
Excursion (multiple days)42
Course coordinator(s)ir. EP Kroese
Lecturer(s)ir. EP Kroese
dr. J Sok
dr. R Ihle
Examiner(s)dr. R Ihle

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

All BSc-1 and BSc-2 courses of the BSc-programme Bedrijfs en Consumentenwetenschappen and Economie en Beleid.


This European bilateral exchange programme in the form of mutual student excursions aims at achieving the below mentioned learning outcomes. The exchange programme is meant for third year students from the BSc programmes 'Bedrijfs-en Consumentenwetenschappen' and 'Economie en Beleid' of Wageningen University and BSc/MSc students from the European partner university. Each year another partner university is either selected from the international network of WUR.
The students' organization committees of both universities organize an excursion of a period of about 4 days in their own country and are involved in the design and the organization of the excursion programme in the partner country. They receive support, supervision and coaching in close collaboration with supervisors from both universities. The exchange programme consists of two parts: 1. A topic-focused excursion of WUR students to the partner university and the partner country organized by students of the partner.
2. A topic-focused excursion of students of the partner university to WUR and the Netherlands organized by representatives from the study association Mercurius.

Learning outcomes:

After this course the student is expected to be able to:;
- understand, interpret and present the main differences between the organization, and performance of (parts of) the national agricultural sector, national consumer or environmental affaires, and these aspects in the country of the exchange programme;
- describe the main similarities and differences between his/her study programme and that of an equivalent study programme at the partner university;
- construct a social network for future international contacts.


- guided visits to primary producers, (inter)national companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the agri-food sector and its environment;
- excursions to organisations or ministries dealing with environmental, consumer or management affairs;
- lectures about agricultural, food , environmental, management or consumer affairs and about the structure and content of the study programmes in both universities;
- write and present a group paper in a joint seminar wherein he/she compares the selected aspects of the structure and development of the economics or public policies of the agri-food sector, environmental, management or consumer affairs;
- present the BBC or BEB thesis in a joint bachelor thesis seminar in which the thesis results of Wageningen students and those of the partner students are discussed and reported.
- and active participation in the joint seminar(s) and the social activities.


Group essay and presentation (100%) or presentation of own thesis and report of the joint seminar (100%)

Restricted Optional for: BBCManagement and Consumer StudiesBScA: Business Studies5WD+6WD
BBCManagement and Consumer StudiesBScB: Consumer Studies5WD+6WD
BEBEconomics and GovernanceBSc5WD+6WD