FQD-60312 Product and Process Design


Credits 12.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Group work12
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. AR Linnemann
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. AR Linnemann
dr. T Oliviero
M Frommhagen
E Rodriguez Alonso
prof. dr. E van der Linden
M Habibi
dr. CC Berton-Carabin
dr. ir. MAI Schutyser
prof. dr. HA Schols
dr. MA Stieger
prof. V Fogliano
ir. B Brinkman
dr. E Capuano
ir. K Kyriakopoulou
Examiner(s)dr. ir. AR Linnemann

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

A completed BSc in Food Science and Technology or equivalent


Note: This course has a maximum number of participants. The deadline for registration is one week earlier than usual. See Academic Year.(http://www.wur.nl/en/Education-Programmes/Current-Students/Agenda-Calendar-Academic-Year.htm) -> Registration for Courses.

NOTE: Due to course logistics, students cannot register for this course later than March 15th.
The course focusses on design aspects of food products from an integrated product and process perspective and aims at strengthening so-called T-shaped skills of the participating students, i.e., the ability to tackle in-depth -disciplinary technological problems with respect to the vertical bar of the T-shaped skills and the aptitude to deal with broad multi-disciplinary challenges concerning the horizontal bar of the T-shaped skills.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion this course a students are expected to be able to:
- formulate through active participation in a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, quantitatively as well as qualitatively, solutions to complex industrial design problems;
- apply the principles of product development in a chain perspective, from the wishes of the client, e.g. the consumers or another company in the case of business-to-business operations, up to and including the raw ingredient materials and the processes that are used;
- apply the principles of project management to product and process design.


Students from different specializations work in multicultural groups on complicated industrial design problems, which include problem identification, generation of ideas and concepts, gathering of information from experts, literature and internet, leading to innovative solutions which will be presented orally, as a poster and a written report. Next to the group work, specialized, in-depth lectures are given on aspects that are relevant to food product and process design. Throughout the course teams are intensively coached by experienced faculty with respect to the quality of their team work as well as their scientific output.


Marks will be given on the basis of novelty of the proposed solution to the industrial design problem, soundness of the lines of reasoning -which must be founded on quantitative arguments- and the quality of the group's deliverables, as follows:
- team work (50 % of the final mark);
- poster presentation (15 % of the final mark);
- decision paper (35% of the final mark);
A minimum score of 5.5 is required for each of these marks.


Linnemann, A.R.; C.G.P.H. Schroën; M.A.J.S. van Boekel (eds). (2011). Food product design -an integrated approach. Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen. 288 p.

Compulsory for: MFTFood TechnologyMScG: Sensory Science6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScH: Sustainable Food Process Engineering6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScI: Gastronomy6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScA: Food Biotechnology and Biorefining6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScJ: Food Digestion and Health6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScC: Product Design6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScD: Ingredient Functionality6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScE: Dairy Science and Technology6WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScB: Food Innovation and Management6WD