International Development Studies (MID) / MSc - Specialization Economics of Development (B)

Description International Development Studies

Common part

Limited choice:

RO0: If your educational background differs from the BSc International Development Studies of Wageningen University: select SDC-31806, and select in consultation and agreement with the study adviser 0 - 4 further courses. The study adviser can determine that courses are obligatory for a student.
RO1 - RO3: Select 1 RO-cluster; in certain cases the thesis must be extended to 36 credits. If RO1 is selected, choose 1 thesis from RO1A.
RO4: Choose 0 - 4 courses in consultation and agreement with the study adviser
RO5: Choose 0 or 2 courses in consultation and agreement with the study adviser.
Select in consultation and agreement with the study adviser profiling courses to complete the programme.
Students will only be admitted to the thesis after completion of the compulsory specialization course and the thesis related RO1, RO2 or RO3 course.
In addition, dependent on the study contract agreed upon with the study adviser, methods courses and other supporting courses have to be completed before starting the thesis.

AEP-31306Rural Economic Analysis6.00CSM13WD
AEP-20806Institutional Economics and Economic Organisation Theory6.00RO0M11AF
YRM-20806Research Design & Research Methods6.00RO0M11AF, 2MO
SDC-31806Theory and Practice of Development6.00RO0M11MO
DEC-21806Macroeconomics and International Trade6.00RO0M14WD
MAT-22306Quantitative Research Methodology and Statistics6.00RO0M14WD
SDC-33306Methodology for Field Research in the Social Sciences6.00RO0M16WD
AEP-30306The Economics of European Integration: Agricultural, Rural and Regional Policy Analysis6.00RO1M15AF
AEP-80433MSc Thesis Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy33.00RO1AM21,2,3,4,5,6
AEP-81333MSc Thesis Regional Economics33.00RO1AM21,2,3,4,5,6
DEC-30306Central Themes in Development Economics6.00RO2M15AF
DEC-80433MSc Thesis Development Economics33.00RO2M21,2,3,4,5,6
ENP-32306Advanced Environmental Economics and Policy6.00RO3M15AF
ENR-80433MSc Thesis Environmental Economics and Natural Resources33.00RO3M21,2,3,4,5,6
SDC-34806Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction6.00RO4M1/21AF
SDC-31306Property Rights, Natural Resources and Conflict6.00RO4M1/24WD
SDC-33806Policy, Projects and Programs for Development6.00RO4M1/24WD
DEC-31306Cost-Benefit Analysis and Environmental Valuation6.00RO4M1/26WD
ECH-32306Advanced Microeconomics6.00RO5M11MO
ENR-30806Advanced Macroeconomics6.00RO5M12MO