ZLS-01300 Practical English Plus


Credits 0.00

Course coordinator(s)IC Houkes-Jansen

Language of instruction:



Optimising your fluency! If you feel the need to further train your skills and keep them up to date, this is the course for you. The course addresses all skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Attention is also given to grammar.
This course is intended for students who need English for study and for everyday use. This course has been designed specifically to further develop the language and skills necessary to handle a whole range of practical situations confidently.
Each of the 15 sessions is designed to give you practice in areas of language that can be applied in all kinds of situations that you will encounter as a (foreign) student in the Netherlands.
The course contents will include at least the following skills and themes:
- Building natural conversation;
- Giving opinions;
- Developing speaking skills;
- Reviewing grammar that you already know and introducing new grammar;
- Practising pronunciation and intonation;
- Writing clear and effective emails;
- Learning through interviews / questioning.

Learning outcomes:



- lectures;
- assignments.


- oral and listening skills;
- written exam.


Please contact us for information on course material.