YNH-80312 BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health


Credits 12.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)ir. RCL Marteijn
Examiner(s)prof. dr. RF Witkamp
prof. dr. ir. AH Kersten
prof. dr. ir. C de Graaf
prof. dr. ir. IMCM Rietjens
prof. dr. ir. J Keijer
prof. dr. ir. HFJ Savelkoul
prof. dr. ir. C Leeuwis
prof. dr. ir. E Kampman
prof. dr. ir. EJM Feskens
prof. dr. PH Feindt

Language of instruction:



Students analyse, investigate (literature) and report on a question making use of competencies acquired during their BSc Nutrition and Health.

Learning outcomes:

The student is expected to be able to:
- use knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and mechanisms in their field to answer a research question;
- recognize gaps in his knowledge and to review and acquire knowledge in response (under supervision);
- know how to use, evaluate and interpret common research techniques in the field of nutrition and health;
- write and carry out a (literature) research plan in the field of (under supervision);
- interpret texts, recognize different ways of reasoning and have a critical and constructive attitude with regard to the analysis and resolving of a problem in their field;
- be aware of the societal and ethical aspects of their research and recognize these aspects in concrete situations;
- report the results in the form of an article or scientific report;
- defend these results.


- students choose a subject for their BSc thesis in the field of Nutrition and Health and have to write a research plan to be approved by their supervisor;
- after that they carry out their research plan. The results of their research are written in the form of a scientific article or scientific report;
- finally, students present the results of their work to their supervisor.


- students are evaluated based on the quality of their investigation and the quality of their report.
- assessment is done according to the common assessment form used by multiple programmes, supported by a specific rubric. Form and Rubric can be found on the course-site.


A course guide plus topics are available through Blackboard.

Compulsory for: BVGNutrition and HealthBSc1,2,3,4,5,6