XUC-31303 Advanced Food Business Management


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. R Hartemink
Examiner(s)dr S O'Reilly, Department of Food Business and Development

Language of instruction:



Operations Management:
- continuous Improvement: Origins and trajectories;
- from Quality Management to Management for Excellence;
- major operations movements (mass production to mass customisation);
- evolution of Information Systems.
Supply Chain Management:
- introduction to Supply Chain Management;
- evolution of organisational and supply chain management;
- supply Chain Management and Business Models;
- supply Chain Configuration;
- supply Chain Managers;
- 'T shaped people'. Project Management:
- project initiation;
- scope management;
- project planning;
- basics of risk management;
- cost management;
- quality;
- progress control;
- the project team;
- project closing.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course the student is able to:
- describe evolution of managerial theory and critically assess its usefulness in today's business environment;
- examine evolution of approaches to continuous improvement and examine how this progression informs our understanding of operations management;
- employ best practice project management tools;
- consider the challenges a company may face when adopting a supply chain management approach;
- identify the main elements of a supply chain management framework and evaluate key decisions that a food firm must make if they are to contribute to an efficient and responsive supply chain.


- on-line course;
- lectures;
- case study.


- examination (50%);
- completion of e-learning module (30%);
- team Project Report (20%).


Readings, references to articles, case study and slides from classroom lectures available on UCC's electronic learning platform (Blackboard).
The Fundamentals of Project Management e-learning course.

Compulsory for: MFTFood TechnologyMScF: European Master in Food Studies3