WRM-21312 Design in Land and Water Management 2


Credits 12.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. PR van Oel
Lecturer(s)A Meuche
ing. H Boesveld
D Stoltenborg, MSc
MT Wessels
dr. ir. HP Ritzema
dr. ir. MJPM Riksen
dr. ir. PR van Oel
dr. ir. K Metselaar
ir. B Bruins
dr. ir. GJA Veldwisch
ing. HPA Gooren
Examiner(s)dr. ir. HP Ritzema

Language of instruction:

Dutch and/or English

Assumed knowledge on:

WRM-10306 Irrigation and Water Management; HWM-21806 Hydraulics and Hydrometry; SLM-10306 Land Degradation and Remediation; SLM-20306 Land and Water Engineering.

Continuation courses:

BIL-3 courses.


Students are confronted with typical demands for technical assistance for small scale irrigation development (up to 500 ha) and for soil- and water conservation (at field and small catchment levels), meant to contribute to poverty eradication/rural development. Students develop their problem-solving capacities by working together to design interventions that are technically sound and socio-economically viable. Tailor-made inputs by staff and experienced professionals are provided in the form of lectures, tutorials, reading materials and practical guidance.
The course consists of two blocks. In block 1, students will have time to refresh their knowledge and skills acquired in preceding courses, but new subjects will also be introduced. In design teams, students will work together to made an appraisal of the land and water management conditions in the case study area. Block 1 will be completed with an appraisal report and a written exam. Students have to pass this exam before they can start with block 2. In block 2, they will work again in the same design teams to design interventions to improve the current land and water management practices. The block will be completed with a final report, team presentations and an individual oral examination.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of Block 1 students are expected to be able to:
- interpret the demand for technical assistance and formulate a project to respond to it;
- formulate design criteria for the technical measures;
- appraise the current land and water management situation in the project area;
- draft a Personal Development Plan and implement it;
- define, implement and assess different roles/responsibilities in the group's work process;
- articulate knowledge/skills needs, acquire and integrate these meaningfully in an appraisal report.
After successful completion of Block 2 students are expected to be able to:
- design appropriate technical measures to improve land and water management in the project area;
- assess the expected performance of the proposed measures and analyse these at (i) field/farm level and (ii) watershed level;
- present and defend the intervention plans in a professional manner;
- reflect on the Personal Development Plan and work process.


- lectures and tutorials;
- assignments;
- design practical;
- group work;
- exams.


Block 1: Team product (25%) and an individual exam (15%).
Block 2: Team product (35%) and an individual defence and examination (25%).
All marks should be > 5.5.


- reading materials;
- background information;
- assignments;
- PowerPoint presentation.
These learning tools are provided through an electronic learning environment that can be accessed via MyPortal.

Compulsory for: BILInternational Land and Water ManagementBSc5MO+6WD