SGL-10309 Integration Course Soil, Water and Atmosphere


Credits 9.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Field practical45
Group work9
Excursion (one day)36
Course coordinator(s)dr. K Kok
Lecturer(s)SM Zijlstra MSc
R Dijksma
dr. RGM de Goede
dr. ir. ETHM Peeters
dr. VF Bense
dr. K Kok
dr. ir. JJ Stoorvogel
dr. ing. BG Heusinkveld
dr. ir. MK van der Molen
dr. ir. MJ van der Ploeg
dr. GF Koopmans
dr. ir. CR Stoof
Examiner(s)dr. ir. JJ Stoorvogel

Language of instruction:



- Analysis of problems related to the environment, landscape, land use and nature in a study area around Wageningen focused on the scope of the specializations of the study Soil, Water & Atmosphere. The course discusses research methodologies for the different compartments to deal with the relevant problems;
- Study the interrelationships between soil, water and atmosphere.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- explain and describe in the interactions and the coherence between the three compartments of the abiotic environment: soil, water and atmosphere (BWA);
- apply a wide range of research techniques as used in the BWA disciplines;
- analyse an integrated and multi-disciplinary BWA problem. All facets of such a research experience must have been tackled: writing a research proposal, select the appropriate research methodology, carry out the research work, write a research report and give an oral presentation;
- describe the societal aspects of agricultural, nature conservational or environmental problems in the study area around Wageningen.


The course includes a range of different activities:
- study aerial photos, satellite imagery, and maps;
- soil, water, and air sampling and analysis;
- evaluate a multi-disciplinary problem with a group of your colleagues.


The final mark is composed of a number of elements:
- specific tasks and questions from applying analytical techniques and during excursions (15%);
- group research proposal (10%);
- group report (60%). Individual marks may deviate from the group mark;
- final group presentation (15%);
- participation in the practicals is obligatory, due to unauthorised absence the grade can be adapted (up to -10%).


Reader can be obtained a week before the start of the course at the WUR-shop.

Compulsory for: BSWSoil, Water, AtmosphereBSc6WD