FQD-20804 Quality Systems Operations


Credits 4.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. KA Hettinga
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. KA Hettinga
dr. ir. EJH Spelt
B Behdani
DA Tzompa Sosa
MSc C Zhang
N Nguyen Quoc Viet
M Elwakiel
Examiner(s)dr. ir. KA Hettinga

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Quality and safety are essential conditions to each industry, company or establishment dealing with agricultural and food products. Different systems have been developed to assure the quality and safety of the foods produced. These foods are not made from start to finish in one company, but they are made in a food production chain, which involves many steps from primary production at the farm to consumer. Food quality assurance systems have therefore been developed to take into account the complete food production chain. This course will give an introduction into the principles behind effective operational quality systems in these complex food production chains.
Major theoretical topics of the course include:
- relation between food properties and quality attributes;
- basic principles of operations management;
- introduction to major quality assurance standards (HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000);
- principles of major technological tools, methods, techniques in quality control and inspection;
- traceability of food products in the food production chain.
In addition, the course contains assignments related to these 4 topics. The assignment will serve as a basis for critical analysis of factors influencing the actual operation of the implemented quality system.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, students are expected to be able to:
- relate food properties to quality attributes;
- know basic principles of operations management;
- recognise major management processes and the role of people in operational quality systems in food organisations;
- understand principles and recognise restrictions of different quality assurance standards;
- use knowledge about major technological tools, methods, techniques in quality control and inspection and operations management to critically analyse the design of a quality system;
- understand the major approaches to traceability of food products in complex food production chains.


- following lectures;
- reading of literature;
- critical analysis of quality system elements.


- average grade for 4 assignments (20%);
- written exam (80%).


A reader is available.

Compulsory for: BFTFood TechnologyBSc6WD