ECS-66300 Management Skills


Credits 1.50

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)M van den Berg
Lecturer(s)S Nortier
M Hupkes
Examiner(s)S Nortier

Language of instruction:



The course focuses on enhancing students understanding and application of management skills.
The course starts with presenting and interactively discussing various roles, and competencies relevant nowadays when being a manager, taking into account different management contexts. Then, students are trained in a number of management skills. Those include: self-presentation skills, meeting skills, bringing bad news, time management, leading a job interview and conflict management. Through theatre acts and role-plays the practice of management roles and skills is further deepened, taking into account personal strengths and challenges. Students are finally engaged with the development of an action plan to develop their management skills.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand and are able to analyse a range of management roles and competencies needed in different management contexts;
- have trained various management skills such as bringing bad news, self-presentation, meeting skills, time management, leading a job interview, conflict management;
- have gained insights and are able to reflect on own management competencies, strengths and challenges;
- have designed an action plan for becoming a manager.


- lectures;
- awareness building exercises;
- training of skills;
- theatre role plays;
- writing an action plan.


Students will be assessed on the quality of their final assignment including the results of home-assignments and an action plan for becoming a manager. Active participation in the classes is prerequisite to pass the course.


A reader and articles will be provided on Blackboard.