ECS-66200 Consultancy Skills


Credits 1.50

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)M van den Berg
Lecturer(s)M Hupkes
Examiner(s)prof. dr. M Mulder


MSc graduates wishing to provide professional or expert advice need consultancy skills to be effective in their work. Depending on contextual variables, a choice can be made out of the most effective consultancy strategies. The pitfalls in consultancy practices will be reviewed. Although this course is targeted towards students considering to work as a consultant, independently or in a consultancy company, it can also benefit students who expect consultancy tasks to be part of their job as for instance researcher or policy maker.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to:
- have insight in success factors and pitfalls in the consultancy process;
- have insight in the roles and skills of consultants as predictors of success;
- be able to choose the most appropriate consultancy style in a given context;
- be able to reflect on his/her own consultancy behaviour.


- lectures;
- awareness building exercises;
- training of skills;
- theatre role plays;
- writing an action plan.


Students will be assessed on the quality of their consultancy plan.
Active participation during the three sessions is requisite for passing the course.


Course guide and literature will be offered online and during the lectures.