ECS-65600 Scientific Writing Skills


Credits 1.50

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper1
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)M van den Berg
Lecturer(s)dr. CF Barrett
Examiner(s)prof. dr. M Mulder

Language of instruction:



This course provides a general overview and some theoretical background on various aspects of academic report writing, including 1) report structure and parts, 2) international standards for illustrations and referencing and 3) use of the English language for increased readability. During class, a combination of theoretical lectures and examples. Students develop and/or reformulate previous reports to meet scientific standards as discussed in lecture. Comments and feedback on the submitted reports are given by the instructor.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- use the components of scientific research reports (title, abstract, table of content, introduction, methods, results, conclusion, references, tables/graphs, appendices) in their writing;
- act in the understanding of the importance of communicating in writing as a scientist;
- apply rules for scientific writing to their subsequent independent research.


Class meets three times with each meeting focusing on a different aspect of the scientific writing process i.e.:
- introduction to scientific writing and the writing process including looking at report structure (writing process, format) and parts (abstract, intro, tables and graphs etc);
- referencing (outlining of the main systems and how to use them) and use of Tables and Graphs;
- language for effective communication;
Students are expected to submit a final written assignment.


Students will be assessed on the quality of a final report. Active participation during classes is requisite for passing.


Handouts via Blackboard.