ECS-65500 Argumentation Skills


Credits 1.50

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)dr. O Noroozi
Lecturer(s)dr. O Noroozi
Examiner(s)dr. O Noroozi

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Continuation courses:

ECS-66600 Academic Argumentation in Writing and Debate.


The course offers students the possibility to practice the skills that are necessary to deliver an oral argumentation in the right context and for the right purpose. It gives theory and tools for persuasive argumentations and debate. Observing and assessing one's own argumentation skills will raise awareness on basis of which improvements can be made. Skills of others will be analysed and given peer feedback.
During the meetings several aspects of persuasiveness and argumentation will be discussed and practiced. Students have a central role during these meetings: they will prepare and share argumentations themselves and will take part in a debate. Some part of the sessions will be video-taped (for the purpose of self-reflection and assessment).

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- structure their own argumentation according to basic theory;
- use different persuasion techniques;
- defend a line of argumentation;
- gain insight in and reflect on their own argumentation behaviour;
- give constructive feedback on argumentation techniques of peers;
- debate together with other students according to the free discussion debate model.


Interactive presentation of theory, exercise on holding a speech and debate, in (small) groups. Writing a reflection paper.


- individual self-reflection paper (100%).
- giving a speech and participation in a debate are prerequisite for passing the course.


Infante, D.A.(1998). Arguing constructively. Prospect Heights, US: Waveland, 1988, 165 p. ISBN 0881333271; ISBN 9780881333275. Reader and other course material are available on Blackboard.