ECS-52506 Course Development


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)dr. JTM Gulikers
Lecturer(s)ir. MJ de Bruijne
ir. KD Siersma
dr. JTM Gulikers
Examiner(s)dr. JTM Gulikers

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

ECS-52306 Didactic Skills, ECS-51606 Learning and Instruction theory. Course Development should be followed together with ECS-52006 Becoming a Teacher 1 or ECS-51506 Becoming a Teacher 2.


This course covers the processes of structurally planning, developing and evaluating courses in a lesson series and a multidisciplinary project in secondary education. This course is half theoretical, half practical. Students will actually plan, develop and evaluate an innovative lesson series (e.g. in biology) in a secondary school, bases on educational, curriculum, and learning theories.

Learning outcomes:

Students are able to: - critically review (existing) lesson series in the context of secondary education, using theories or models of instructional and curriculum design;
- (re)design a coherent lesson series and a multidisciplinary project in collaboration with teachers from other disciplines;
- develop concrete lesson plans, goals and learning activities;
- critically analyse existing and develop new activating and innovative teaching and assessment methods;
- display an innovative and pro-active attitude towards educational development;
- critically evaluate courses and school practices;
- justify made choices.


- sessions with lectures; guided group work; supervised peer-review, to compare and review practices from various schools;
- individual assignments at a secondary school;
- development of course development material.


Collection of practical assignments showing the use of theory in the analysis of existing and the development of new course material for the students' internship school. The final grade will be based on the mean of all assignments, provided that all assignments are sufficient.



Compulsory for: WUEDUBSc Minor Education3WD, 6AF