ECS-10801 Presentation Skills for Health and Society


Credits 1.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Lecturer(s)MSc. L Huijgen
S Nortier
drs. FL Roschar
SM Zijlstra MSc
Examiner(s)S Nortier

Language of instruction:


Continuation courses:

ECS-65700 Presentation Skills; ECS-52306 Didcatic Skills


The course offers students the possibility to practice the skills that are necessary to deliver a good presentation. The students will gain insight in their strengths and learning opportunities and will learn how to reflect on their own performance and that of peers. Students start at their own level of competence and can practice for various settings related to health and society.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to: - give a presentation (5-10 minutes) on a health and society related topic using supportive non-verbal behaviour; - prepare and show structure in a presentation; - give feedback to and receive feedback from fellow students according to feedback guidelines; - show responsibility for their own learning process according to individually formulated learning goals; - reflect on his/her own learning process with help of a reflection model.


The course consists of three meetings of 4 hours each. Next to these meetings students spend at least 28 hours on preparation of presentations, reading and writing the final reflection report. During the three meetings several aspects of preparing and delivering a presentation will be discussed and demonstrated. The students have a central role during these meetings: they will do short presentation assignments themselves and will give each other feedback. During the last two meetings each student delivers a presentation on a health and society related topic, and receives feedback of his/her fellow-students and the trainer. All presentations will be videotaped for reflection purposes.


The grade will be based on the quality of:
- the presentations (50%);
- the quality of the reflection report (50%).


A study guide will be provided.

Compulsory for: BGMHealth and SocietyBSc2MO