SCH-20306 Gender and Consumer Culture


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper1
Group work6
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)dr. C Sato
Lecturer(s)dr. C Sato
Examiner(s)dr. C Sato

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Assumed knowledge on:

The course is optional; there are no admission criteria.


This course introduces students to gender studies in consumer culture and media. Media images are in part linked to how individuals, in any given social group, view themselves and treat others and how they are viewed and treated by others. This course examines the relationship between culture, identity and commodity from a gender and diversity perspective using current concepts and theories. By taking a comparative approach, it discusses how femininities and masculinities are relationally constructed in both historical and contemporary contexts. While doing so, it pays special attention to the relationship between the marketing of products, ideals, ideas and social inequality (gender, class, race, sexuality, ethnicity and nation) and how marketing is linked to identity, social roles, and consumer behaviors. Students will collaboratively explore forms of resistance to and alternative consumer culture. Students enhance their gender and diversity sensitive media literacy by applying the concepts and theories to a concrete case in their everyday life individually and in a small group. The analytical frameworks in this course draws on gender studies in sociology, cultural studies, marketing, history, anthropology, and geography.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- explain basic concepts and theories in the gender studies of consumer culture and media;
- discuss the relationship between consumption and the construction of gender, class, racial, sexual, ethnic, and national identities in both historical and contemporary contexts;
- analyse the role of media, particularly advertising, in consumer behaviour in relation to issues of equality and social justice from a gender and diversity perspective;
- give a range of examples of resistance to and alternatives in consumer culture which aim to transform gender and other structural inequalities;
- have enhanced gender and diversity sensitive media literacy.


- review literature;
- review (audio-) visual materials according to guiding discussion questions;
- attend lectures;
- participate in class discussions;
- prepare and present group assignment.


- individual assignment (10%);
- group assignment presentation and final report (30%);
- written exam (60%).
To pass sufficient participation in group assignments is mandatory and all components require a minimum of 5.50.


Available on blackboard.

Restricted Optional for: BBCManagement and Consumer StudiesBScB: Consumer Studies2AF
MMEManagement, Economics and Consumer StudiesMScB: Consumer Studies2AF
Compulsory for: WUCBHBSc Minor Consumer Behaviour2AF